Consultant Profile

Organizational culture wizard with dual focus on client experience and employee wellness. Gifted interlocutor, producer of rapid situational synthesis, solver of problems interpersonal and systemic. Story structure and strategy maven. Operations-oriented language smith. Globetrotter. Student of humanity.


Select Professional Certifications

Constructive Activism and Race Relations, AVP Long Island and Westchester (Aug 2020)
Unconscious Bias, Ku’ikahi Mediation Center (May 2020)
Cohesion Building and “The Great Group”, Dispute Prevention & Resolution, Inc. (Mar 2020)
Transforming Power: Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, Alternatives to Violence Project USA (Jul 2019)
Crossing Lines: Anti-Oppression Dialogue Facilitation, Seachange Collective (Apr 2019)
Community Mediation, ADRinACTION and West Hawai’i Mediation Center (Feb 2019)
Basic Mediation, New York Peace Institute (Jun 2017)


Free Listening Project (May-Nov 2018)

tenderfoot mediator (certified, New York Peace Institute, June 2017; Alternatives to Violence Project, March 2018) apprenticed to self on a solo European sojourn and study of disconnection offers free active listening for people in conflict.

come to me—individually or in pairs —seeking peace and/or catharsis and/or clarity and/or reconciliation regarding a specific private conflict and I will listen. we’ll meet in a public-safe-neutral space we’ll choose together (if it involves purchase, you will pick up the bill, but it doesn’t have to involve purchase) and over an hour or two and no more than three I’ll structure a conversation—in which you do most of the talking—oriented toward helping you feel heard about something that’s bothering you. this sometimes leads to learning about underlying content and mechanisms, but not always. priority will be given to pairs of people with something to work out between them.

additional credentials include Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (Princeton University, June 2006), Master of Fine Arts in Narrative (Sarah Lawrence College, December 2011), and mental health first aid certification (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, April 2018).